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The treasurer’s 12 worksites for 2017 – Key challenges to face

1. New liquidity paradigm with negative interest rates (with situation that should last for a long period of time)

2. Internal Controls in treasury or how mitigating operational risks while increasing process efficiency (for example via enhanced automation of key processes)

3. Cyber risks and frauds (with the last key one: i.e. IBAN account fraud). The creativity of hackers and fraudsters has no limit. More IT dependency means more IT risks

4. BREXIT and possible collateral effects in medium run (e.g. FX rates, interest rates, re-localization’s, etc.…) as well as current market high volatility

5. BEPS and new Transfer Pricing (TP) rules to be reviewed for compliance in intercompany financial transactions

6. Bank connectivity and eBAM (electronic Bank Account Management) eventually back and “live” / wallet sizing and bank fees control under BSB

7. Digitalization of economy: à B2C, e-payments, financial services, block Chain revolution to be faced by banks under high pressure

8. KYC’s issue and initiatives for a real global KYC register. How to simplify a fragmented and admin burden process?

9. EMIR II: “you haven’t heard the last of it!” – being compliant to avoid fines (including all new regulations and their consequences e.g. B3 on notional pooling, decreasing interest for corporate deposits,…)

10. Increasing pension obligations and deficits penalized by current economic context and negative interest rates

11. IFRS 9 and Expected Credit Losses, as well as new other standards like IFRS 16 and some others

12. “Big Data” in treasury and how to aggregate data in efficient dash boarding with efficient KPI’s (i.e. Treasury Business Intelligence)

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