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Technical and Financial Challenges of Corporate Treasury Function

A book by François Masquelier

The job of treasurer has evolved significantly during the last years. At a time of globalization and the development of so-called business management, it is an essential service to businesses. Work in a treasury department now requires specialist knowledge and adaptability to a constantly changing environment quickly.

This book attempts to describe what are the main changes which the Treasurer has faced, and the main problems it encountered in the practice of his profession. It addresses the new and emerging themes that occupy the corporate treasurer, as well as the reasons for these changes.

Treasurer of the profession remains unknown to the general public. In some languages, there is not even a translation of the word "treasurer".

It is therefore useful to describe the changes and financial and technical challenges that the profession faces.

This book takes a look at some of the issues and themes that meets all treasurers in their daily activities.

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