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Luxembourg, an attractive location for treasury and corporate finance operations

Locating an international treasury centre in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg presents numerous advantages. ATEL (Association des Trésoriers d’Entreprise du Luxembourg), the Luxembourg corporate treasurers’ association, is frequently being approached by groups looking to relocate or offshore their treasury management centres. In this connection, Luxembourg is often thought of as one of the ideal destinations in Europe. For many technical and practical reasons, the Grand Duchy has a set of advantages that makes it the perfect place for centralising a multinational corporation’s European treasury operations. Our association, ATEL, the Association des Trésoriers d’Entreprise du Luxembourg, has always helped companies that want to come and set up in our country. ATEL is one of the oldest treasurers’ associations in Europe. Founded in 1994, it has grown ever since both in the number of members and in terms of events and training courses arranged. It is also one of the founder members of EACT (European Association of Corporate Treasurers), as well as of IGTA (International Group of Treasury Associations). Its activity in these two associations gives it an outstanding network, extending well beyond Luxembourg’s boundaries, on which it can rely. ATEL has contributed to raising the level of treasury training in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and has helped to train future financial talents and risk management specialists. The country can now proudly claim to have developed all the skills needed for treasury management. Furthermore, the multicultural and cosmopolitan aspect of the country, which is similar to that of cities such as Brussels or Geneva, means that it has the linguistic resources needed to cover all languages spoken in Europe. ATEL is a dynamic association that organises over ten conferences per year, arranges for training courses, and publishes a treasurer’s handbook annually along with a quarterly magazine and a membership directory. It also lobbies very actively at both the national and European levels to defend its members’ interests. Finally, it is a forum at which treasurers, finance professionals and bankers can meet. Through its many activities and publications it has gained international recognition. One of its purposes is to help its members and any treasurer who wants to set up an establishment in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a key partner in helping companies that want to expand and centralise their treasury activities. ATEL, like the country, has won international recognition for its warm welcome, its skills and its role as an economic driver. ATEL is a treasurers’ association that is here to serve the real economy and the profession.

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