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CFO TECH DAY is a confidential platform where CFOs can exchange under Chatham house rules. The goal of this first session is to identify the key topics that need to be addressed in the CFO Circle and published in the coming weeks and months.

This event is strictly reserved for CFOs

We will welcome up to 40 CFOs.

Price: Free


European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL), 4 Pl. de l'Europe, 1499 Neudorf-Weimershof Luxembourg


Thursday November 30th



1. 4:00-4:20pm: 3. Interest Rates Dynamics: Optimizing Deposits, Liquidity, and Digital Platforms

Speaker:  moderated by Coralie Billmann: Patrick Simeon (Amundi)

Discussion Points:

  • Current trends in interest rate environments and their impact.

  • Best practices for optimizing deposit and liquidity management.

  • Technological platforms revolutionizing interest rate management.



2. 4:25-4.45pm: 2. Navigating FX Risks: Tools & Strategies for a Shifting Market

Speaker: moderated by Coralie Billmann: Olivier Lechevalier (Deftedge) + Audric Ranson ( Convera)

Discussion Points:

  • Key trends in foreign exchange markets and their implications.

  • Tools and technologies for effective FX risk management.

  • Strategies for hedging against unfavorable currency movements.


4:45-5:00pm: Break: common break with the main Tech Day event


3. 5:05-5.25pm: 1. Cybersecurity & Fraud: Safeguarding Financial Assets in the Digital Age

Speakers: Moderated by Ala Presenti

  • Maxime Breton (Sis Id)

Discussion Points:

  • The evolving landscape of cyber threats: Challenges & opportunities.

  • Best practices in fraud detection and prevention.

  • Case studies: How leading financial institutions are combating digital fraud.

  • Q & A with Coralie and Ala

5:20-5:45pm: 4. Roundtable Session: The Future of Hiring: Leveraging AI, Skills Assessment, and Retention Strategies

Speakers: moderated by Ala Presenti, Sonia Koulikoff Manager Recruitment - Legal & Compliance @DO Recruitment Advisors


Discussion Points:

  • The evolving role of AI in talent acquisition and management.

  • Strategies for attracting and retaining top tech talent.

  • Tools and platforms reshaping the recruitment process.

  • Best practices in employee engagement and retention in the tech era.


After 6pm: CFOs can join the ATEL Conference Session#3 (Presentation by Amundi and wrap up by PwC) and the networking cocktail.


Francois Masquelier
Résidence Soho/NY
1 rue de Chiny,
L-1811 Luxembourg

Phone: 00352 621 27 80 94

BGL : LU79 0030 7000 7964 0000

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