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Jean-Yves Dopchie

Director general of ATEL

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1986 – 2009 FORUM 187, Federation of Coordination Centres (Brussels) Secretary General, member of and reporting to Management Committee and Board
1985 – 1986 PRUDENTIAL-BACHE SECURITIES, (Brussels) Account Executive, reporting to the General Manager of the Brussels office

1984 – 2004
1984 – 1985
Account Executive, reporting to the Managing Director of the Belgian subsidiary 1979 – 1984 FERDERATION of BRUSSELS ENTERPRISES, (Brussels) Manager, reporting to the Managing Director

MAP EQUIPMENTS, Managing Director, reporting to the Board SA MURDOCH, (Brussels) Deputy Chairman of the Board TRADE & INDUSTRY ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION, (Brussels)

Representing it through directorships in several institutions or associations

1979 FIDUCIAIRE de BELGIQUE, (Brussels) Account Executive (tax

department), reporting to the Manager of the Tax Department and the Secretary General
1977 – 1979 AIPPI, (Brussels) Member of the Belgian Group
1977 – 1979 The BAR at the Court of Appeal (Brussels), Member

Since 2010 Board member - Director general of ATEL

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