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Rosnan Chotard, Arthur di Betta and Jean-Baptiste Vienne (TP ICAP Solutions): The architect of your treasury investments

As the guardian of cash flow and the architect of financial strategy, the treasurer's role is to ensure the effective allocation of resources within the corporation while strategically deploying funds into various investment vehicles. However, this aspect of the job is time-consuming, and the treasurer may not always have the optimal solution at the right moment. This is a full-time role requiring extensive investment research to source the most relevant solutions that align with the company's needs within the current market context. It may be beneficial to outsource this activity to external counterparties who are specialists in the field.  


How to Optimize Short-Term Cash Flow When Needed ? 

Most corporations face numerous constraints within their investment framework depending on their size, activity, and financial strategy. They require highly liquid investments in order to quickly access cash. Many "cash & cash equivalent" products are available on the market that allow for maximizing returns while maintaining short-term liquidity (e.g., money market funds, term deposits). 


How to Allocate Cash Surplus Over the Long Term to Achieve Financial Results ? 

When possible, it is in the treasurer's best interest to make long term investments to benefit from current high interest rates. A small portion of the portfolio can be allocated to tailor-made solutions: this is an opportunistic way to secure significantly higher returns than those from medium-to-long term deposits (2 to 5 years) while maintaining very low investment risk, as the principal can be fully protected over these maturities. 


How Can You Give Meaning to Your Investments ? 

There is an increasing number of Money Market Funds offering a "Green" label. However, the short-term investment horizon makes it difficult to measure the degree of sustainability in this type of investment. For medium to long-term solutions, there are effective ways to measure sustainability scores and ensure that funds are directed towards sustainable projects. 


What Support Does TP ICAP Solutions Provide ? 

We act not only as financial advisors but also as a unique point of contact for treasurers seeking expertise in all their investment strategies. For short-term investment horizons, we secure the best prices in a selection of cash & cash equivalent products: we are in contact with around 200 entities for commercial papers and term deposits. For the medium to long term investment horizons (2 to 5 years or longer), our Financial Engineering & Research teams leverage their expertise to offer the best tailor-made investment solutions. By leveraging competition among our pool of 25 banks, we secure the best prices. Additionally, through our sustainable finance division, we offer our partners various ways to generate a positive environmental, social, and/or governance impact with their investments by packaging our products as "green bonds" when eligible. For products not eligible for this designation, we have created a "charity trade program," in which TP ICAP commits to making a donation to an association chosen by the treasurer (a pool of partner associations already exists for this program). 

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